How I published my first app to the Pebble Appstore

Publishing Coffee Finder to the Pebble Appstore was quick and painless! The whole process only took about 10 minutes. 1

It all started on the Pebble Dev Portal where I had to make a profile. Then I had to choose what kind of application I wanted to publish. In my case, I published a watchface.

Following I had to fill out a form that asked a few questions about the application I intended to publish. This was also very quick as it only asked for a Title, Description, website and source code url (which were both optional fields). In this same page I also uploaded a screenshot of my Pebble app.

On the next page I was able to create a New Release, which I called version 1.0, and along with this release I finally uploaded my .pbw file.

The last step I took was making the application public. As soon as I made the application public I was able to find my application on the Pebble Appstore using my phone.

This was a great experience thanks to the @PebbleDev who did a great job at making this whole process so quick and painless.

###Gotcha: “Coming Soon” message instead of “Add” on iOS Devices On the iOS version of the Pebble Appstore, new apps are not available for download right away. Instead, they are only made available once Pebble releases a new version of its application to the App Store. Further explanation for this can be found here. I also quickly learned the @PebbleDev team keeps third-party developers posted when new Apple App Store releases happen so new updates can be submitted.

Personal remarks

Download my app on the Pebble Appstore now:

Thinking of building your own Pebble app? Take a look at my source code to learn how I built mine: (I should be writing a blog post about this soon!)

1. Excludes the time it took to actually write the code to make this application functional.

Sergio Cruz

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