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Full stack developer in Nashville, TN.

Hey there 👋, thanks for dropping by! I’m a software engineer who has a great passion for the art of writing code. I'm a big fan of shipping beautiful experiences and observing how they impact the people using them.

Currently, I write most of my projects in JavaScript (or TypeScript). I tend to use Express to write backend services, and a Single Page Application framework to write frontend experiences (usually Angular or React). I have also worked with other languages in my day job, including PHP (with MVC frameworks like Laravel), and even some Java as well (although mostly for Android development).

I also enjoy helping fellow developers learn new technologies. That’s why I organize meetups, speak at conferences, and even teach online courses occasionally. I have taken on management and leadership positions to augment further my desire to help other engineers succeed.

Please feel free to contact me at any time with questions:
E. hello [at] sergiocruz.me
P. (407) six-nine-four 8175

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Sergio Cruz

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